Summer Ruche


I have next to no original material on this blog. It is mostly the result of my scouring the internet with various searches for my lesson's keywords. Though a large portion of my materials come randomly from all over North America and Europe, there are some sites that I've noticed my searches lead me to frequently. I link back to these often-used sites in each post, but I wanted to give some special thanks to a few bloggers and site owners that I use frequently, as well as references I rely heavily on.

I greatly appreciate the work of Jerome Berryman and Sonja Stewart, who have written some excellent resources in their books which script major Bible characters and narrative into simple yet profound lessons for the very young.

I also credit Deb Chitwood at Living Montessori Now for posting videos of various story presentations and the CFMUPres YouTube channel for their excellent teacher resource videos. I have no training in Godly Play or similar storytelling methods, but there is great inspiration in these for visual learners like myself. It is also a springboard for my own (few) lesson scripts. has some very unique ideas that fit well even for non-liturgical Protestant branches of the Church. has a huge variety of activity pages in a broad range of stories. Mission Arlington has huge sample lesson collection. Mission Bible Class is also a helpful source.

Working with preschool-aged children has led me down the path of sensorimotor lessons, not just crafts and snacks. To all the dedicated bloggers and surfers out there who continue to post and create and pin and up-cycle ideas, thank you! You are making a difference in the lives of many children (and adults!) by sharing your creativity and findings with the rest of us.

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