Summer Ruche


The Godly Play®, YCW and CGS scripts are copyrighted to their publishers and authors. However, there are some scripts and lesson ideas that I have made myself. They are posted here and free for use, if you don't mind linking back to me out of courtesy. Others were also created by folks using the model of Godly Play® and its counterparts. There aren't many, but to save your time hunting through the posts, here they are:

  • Baby Moses download here (find figure patterns for it here) by cutandpasteministry
  • Joseph (Old Testament) download here by Lee Leach and Paul Beaumont at St. Barnabas, Bredbury, England
  • Parable of the Insistent Friend download here by cutandpasteministry
  • Parable of the Lost Sheep download here by Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, England
  • Ruth download here by Alvan Kaunfer

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